Whether you’re looking for a one-time appliance installation or a complete commercial kitchen installation, BVL can help!

With extensive knowledge and experience, alongside a clear pricing structure we can offer a cost-effective option for your installation requirements.

Our installations are completed to the highest of standards. Barrie is a fully qualified electrician as well as a Gas Safe registered engineer, giving you the confidence we have the recognised external qualifications to undertake your installation.

We also are Rational trained to ensure your combi oven is installed correctly to the Rational specification, to include the correct heat proof drainage & tundish.

A correctly installed appliance will ensure your warranty is not put at risk if an engineer is required to attend for your new appliance.


So how does it work ...

Unfortunately, we do not supply commercial catering appliances, however this does mean there are no hidden salesman commission within our costs!

  • A site survey is completed to advise on the most suitable appliances for your business, this is based on the expected appliance usage and your budget.
  • During this survey we can advise if additional works are required, for example drain alterations or upgraded power supplies.
  • Once you have decided on the appliance to purchase, a clear installation quote is provided & you order your appliance directly.
  • Once you have a delivery date, just let us know and we will book an appointment to install and commission your new appliance.

This is a popular option with our clients and it really is that easy!

So why pay more when it is not required?

Water based installations to include dishwashers, glasswashers, combi ovens etc

Did you know ……

When a new water based catering appliance is installed, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the appliance has been connected correctly to avoid any damage to the water network.

To ensure your new appliance is installed correctly to the regulation above, it is advised you use an engineer that is water regs trained and registered.

At BVL we hold the recognised qualification to commission and sign off your new appliance and issue a certificate of compliance.

Installation project at Kennexstone Farm

One of our bigger projects has been a full kitchen installation completed for Kennexstone Farm when they recently added a café to their campsite for the summer season in 2023.

We were lucky enough to be involved in the project from the early design stages.

From a few meetings with the client to advise on the kitchen layout and the appliances that best suited their needs.

The client has agreed the plans and arranged the purchase of the appliances separately.

This installation project has also included the installation of the utilities to the kitchen, to include a full gas pipework and plumbing services, installation of a grease management system and a gas interlock system has been supplied and installed to link with the client’s fire alarm / suppression system.

All the catering appliances have been installed and commissioned to the specific manufacturer guidelines; this has included:

  • All ware washing equipment to include a dishwasher & glasswasher
  • Fryers and a gas griddle
  • BOLD potato peeler and chipper
  • Rational i Combo pro combi ovens

Issue of annual commercial catering gas certificate and a full demonstration to the client has been completed on kitchen hand over.

If you have an installation requirement or a project you would like some advice on

please get in touch or email us at

Please note – we only offer installation works to the client directly, we are unable to offer any subcontract services or install on behalf of other catering companies.