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BVL Catering Repairs is your go-to independent company for all your catering repair and maintenance needs in South Wales. Located in Swansea and currently covering Cardiff to Carmarthen.


Specialising in commercial catering repairs and offering bespoke maintenance packages for a diverse range of establishments, including restaurants, care homes, tourist attractions, sporting venues, and government buildings.

What sets us apart from the rest?

Although our company may be smaller than expected for the corporate industry, don’t let that discourage you. At BVL, we pride ourselves on providing a personal, efficient, and professional service. Alongside our high standards and systems that can compete with any of the national companies – all at a very competitive price.

Holding the reputable Safe Contractor gold level accreditation, we are proud members of CEDA, and adhere to the SFG20 framework, to ensure our clients feel secure and assured of our safety and compliance standards.

We firmly stand by the principle of matching the right engineer with the right job.

Taking pride in handling all jobs and projects exclusively within our area of expertise and training, without subcontracting our services.

When reaching out to BVL, you can always expect us to personally take care of your business.

Discover the advantages of working with BVL

 We strive to build strong relationships with our clients and understand the intricacies of your contract to ensure our service is as efficient as possible.

Offering honest response times to help you meet all your deadlines effectively, our priority is to match the correct engineer to guarantee the job is attended efficiently and effectively without any unnecessary delays.

Our policy is to never dispatch an engineer just to satisfy the SLA requirements.


Here at BVL, we are dedicated to providing fast and transparent service. Once you book a job, you will receive a confirmation email with your job number. After the engineer completes the visit, you will receive a copy of the job sheet. If parts are required, we strive to provide you with a quote on the same day for your consideration.

We carry a variety of commercial catering parts on our vans, including both manufacturer-specific and universal components. This ensures that we can quickly fix any issues on our first visit, minimising disruption to your business.

We also have the ability to customise our van stock to cater specifically your contract needs, making sure that our engineers have the most commonly used parts available during their visit.

Our primary goal is to repair rather than replace (when it is financially viable)

We have a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience dealing with many appliances, (including the older models) allowing us to source and install compatible parts instead condemning the whole appliance.

Rest assured, we are dedicated to repairing your appliances and do not supply new appliances. This approach instils confidence in our clients, knowing that we are dedicated to fixing their existing appliances rather than simply pushing for a new purchase.

As the business has continued to grow

we are now working with larger corporate clients

In December 2021, we completed our 1st service visit for CBRE for one of their larger contracts in Swansea.

This site has 2 large commercial kitchens and 2 smaller coffee shops. During this time, we have been completing 2 x full services a year to each commercial kitchen, alongside the recommended repairs and their emergency call outs.

Our customised service sheets have been tailored to incorporate the SFG20 industry standard.

These detailed documents are created for every asset, aligning with the SFG20 standard for each specific catering appliance.

Offering a user-friendly layout, showcasing completed tasks, detailed test results, alongside any repairs that are required or recommended.

Since we have started working with CBRE, SFG20 has become standard practice for the business and has been implemented against all our appliance servicing.

In the summer of 2022, we had a request from Swansea City Football Club to attend the stadium for a dishwasher inspection and we have been attending ever since!

This huge site has 6 fast food kitchen outlets, 5 function kitchens, 2 production kitchens & many bars, and this is just at the stadium, there are also 2 additional commercial kitchens located within the two local training academies.

From the 1st engineer request, we have been committed to providing a quick response time to site whenever we are called upon – even on a match day!

We have expanded our van stock to guarantee that we always have essential spare parts readily available for the stadium’s business critical catering equipment.

By incorporating these bespoke parts, we have reduced the time an appliance is out of use to avoid any additional disruption to the client.