Engineer Call Outs & Repairs

Catering equipment can let you down at any point and this can often be at the most inconvenient time possible. When you need an engineer in a hurry, BVL are here to help and we aim to attend all business-critical calls within 6 hours**

Offering an out of hours service on evenings and weekends to ensure your appliance is up and running as soon as possible, to ensure we keep appliance down time to a minimum.

At BVL we provide a reliable service at a competitive price. We believe in a clear pricing structure with no additional mileage fees applied and no travel costs for attendance during normal working hours.

The call out fee includes the 1st hour of the engineer’s time, and this is calculated from the time the engineer arrives on site – any additional hours are charged at a reduced rate.

Our out of hours calls are slightly different – as the travel time is chargeable.

To report an emergency breakdown please call 01792 941459 or 07931 777997

** Out of hours and 6-hour attendance is subject to availability for our existing clients

As a company, we pride ourselves on resolving problems quickly by having a diverse selection of van stock readily available. This ensures that we can achieve an impressive first-time fix rate.

We strive to provide you with a prompt quote for your consideration when you require specific parts for a repair, if your repair is business critical, we can schedule an emergency follow-up visit within 48 hours to finish the repair if the supplier has the necessary parts in stock to minimise the disruption to your business and keep your kitchen running as smoothly as possible.

We are specialists within our industry and strongly believe in matching the right engineer with the right job, only undertaking works that align with our expertise and training.

We are committed to ongoing manufacturer training to ensure our appliance knowledge is kept up to date and guaranteeing the highest service levels possible.

Barrie has recently undertaken additional training with some well-known brands, to include: Hobart, Rational, European Watercare, Fagor Professional, Falcon, MKN, Retigo and Welbilt.

Repair rather than replace!

At BVL, our primary goal is to repair rather than replace (when it is financially viable)

We have a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience dealing with many appliances, (including the older models) allowing us to source and install compatible parts instead condemning the whole appliance.

Rest assured, we are dedicated to repairing your appliances and do not supply new appliances.

This approach instils confidence in our clients, knowing that we are dedicated to fixing their existing appliances rather than simply pushing for a new purchase.

Gas Interlock Systems

In a commercial kitchen where gas appliances are in use, a gas interlock system is required to adhere to the standards set by BS6173 and IGEM/UP/19. This is now a mandatory requirement in most commercial kitchens.

It is crucial to have this system installed by a qualified gas engineer to ensure compliance and safety.

What is a gas interlock system?

A gas interlock system is an electronic device that manages the gas supply to your appliances. These systems are designed to ensure that the gas supply remains off until the kitchen ventilation system is fully functioning.

With use of a fan power sensor, or an air pressure sensor, these systems can detect whether the canopy is operating properly and has enough air flow. Once this requirement is met, the gas solenoid valve will activate, allowing you to safely use your gas cooking appliances.

If the fans fail or do not work as expected, the interlock system will immediately shut down the gas supply preventing a dangerous build-up of gases to include carbon monoxide & nitrogen dioxide etc. to ensure your commercial kitchen remains a safe environment.

To ensure your commercial kitchen complies with the latest Gas Safety regulations, it is highly recommended to consider installing a gas interlock system if you haven’t already done so. This will not only bring your business up to standard but also provide added peace of mind. However, the installation of a gas interlock system becomes a mandatory requirement if you make any changes to your existing kitchen.

These changes include:

✔️Installation of new gas pipework or alterations to your current gas pipework

✔️ Upon installation of a new extraction/ventilation canopy

✔️ Installation of a completely new cook line or when adding additional appliances to your kitchen

✔️ With any fitting of Category ‘B’ equipment including combination ovens, deep fryers, grills, charcoal griddles**

** Please note this will also include replacement appliances to your exisiting kitchen (within the existing layout)

If you would like a quote for gas interlock installation, please get in touch.