Bespoke Servicing Packages

Kitchen range servicing

Preventative maintenance is a vital part of keeping your kitchen operational. Regular servicing not only ensures the safe & efficient operation of your catering equipment it will reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns to your key appliances.

Did you know?.

  • The gas safe regulations state an annual inspection should be carried out on all gas  appliances ensuring all safety measures are being maintained.
  • Your commercial kitchen also requires an annual commercial catering gas certificate.

Our maintenance services can be tailor made to your individual needs and budget, with visits available when your kitchen is not in use to avoid any additional disruption.

All our servicing is competed in line with SFG20 (additional details below)

On completion of your maintenance visit an individual appliance service report is produced. This report will detail the tasks that have been undertaken during the service, individual test results and detail if any further works are required.

If further works are recommended a quote will be produced for your consideration

What is SFG20 & why do we work to the framework?

SFG20 is an independently verified standard for the planned maintenance of catering equipment.

Created by The Catering Equipment Suppliers’ Association (CESA) and the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) to ensure an independent industry approved standard was created with a recognised set of maintenance schedules.

The maintenance schedules for each catering appliance clearly detail the tasks required and the frequency the tasks should be undertaken.

This ensures service is completed to a set industry standard and the paperwork is clear on the tasks and testing that has been undertaken.

 We believe working to SFG20 will prolong the operating life of the catering equipment by reducing running costs and achieving compliance with relevant legislation.

SFG20 enables our clients to measure both the quality and the cost of the maintenance they receive against a set of independently verified parameters.

If you are not currently working to SFG20 you are at risk of vital maintenance tasks being neglected and unclear paperwork being submitted to confirm the works that have been undertaken.

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Combi Oven – Inspections, Service & Repair

Combi ovens are one of the most essential appliances within a commercial kitchen and require regular maintenance to ensure they operate correctly and safely.

At BVL, we have great knowledge and experience with a variety of combi ovens. By keeping up to date with our manufacturers training we can inspect, service & repair your oven without the price of using a service partner.

Did you know your combi oven service should include the following:

✅Regular software updates and door seal inspections

✅Replacement internal filters and a new steam generation hose

When was the last time your combi oven was serviced? Get in touch today!